One of my favorite books of all time is “Living the 80/20 Way” by Richard Koch. Each chapter holds a very valuable lesson, not just about transforming the way you do business, but transforming the way you think about life too. One of the main chapters that sticks out to me is in Part II about Making a Living and a Life.

Beth Jackson

Inside “Living the 80/20 Way”, Koch explains that you need to utilize the best 20% of yourself. He also explains that our destiny to become an individual relies on how we can unlock the best 20% and how we can transform the way we think to become unique, and truly an individual.

When we focus our self, we give up doing what many other people do, thinking what others think. Is this a loss? Of quantity, yes; but not of quality. In quality, less is more. By narrowing our interests, we deepen and intensify them. By focusing on our best, unique attributes, we become more individual, more human. We focus our power, our singularity, and our ability to enjoy life profoundly and uniquely. Developing individuality is a conscious process. It involves deciding who you are and who you are not; who you want to become and who you don’t want to become. We become distinctive individuals through deliberate decisions and actions, honing and increasing what is different and best about us.”

As we grow with time, we become who we are by things that influence us. Influences by parents, friends and surroundings mold our thoughts and how we think about life. It even affects the way we act and talk. My challenge to you is to become an individual through subtraction. Take away the elements of life that you do not want to be and grow your best 20% into all of you.

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